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Measuring Mobile Web Sites

Illustration: Web Analytics Report

The methods commonly used to measure Web sites often don't work for mobile sites, because of differences among mobile platforms and devices. The biggest obstacles are lack of support on mobile devices for Cookies, JavaScript, and client IP addresses.

The Wikipedia article on Mobile Web Analytics provides a succinct introduction to these and other challenges -- see the section on "Problems with tracking visitors, visits and clickpaths in the Mobile Web". Because of these limitations, the tagging methods used by traditional Web analytics tools do not work on most mobile devices.

While researching this subject, I discovered Kaizen Analytics, an excellent blog by Michael Notté. In a recent post, Michael provides a useful overview -- see Mobile Analytics: vertical-specific vs. traditional Web Analytics solutions. Michael points out that there are other ways to collect data about mobile Web sites. He outlines four solution approaches, illustrating each with a helpful diagram:

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Web Analytics Vendors Adapt to Web 2.0

Illustration: Web Analytics Report

Most hosted Web Analytics vendors charge you according to page views -- not unreasonable since each view is a call to their server and a new record in their database. But what happens when Ajax and other rich applications eliminate the notion of a "page"?

That's from Web 2.0 Changes Web Analytics Pricing Models, a recent post by Phil Kemelor in CMP's Intelligent Enterprise Weblog. Describing how he sees Web Analytics (WA) vendors adapting to Web 2.0, Phil continues ...

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