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Web performance matters. Responsive sites can make the online experience effective, even enjoyable. A slow site can be unusable. This site is about online performance, how to achieve and maintain it, its impact on user experience, and ultimately on site effectiveness.

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Where Performance Meets Availability

Illustration: Stopwatch

Earlier posts about Acceptable Response Times have discussed how a Web site or application's responsiveness can Delight, Satisfy, or Frustrate customers.

Availability, on the other hand, is a measure of a system's stability. It is not a performance metric, it is a software (or hardware) quality metric.

So, technically speaking, performance and availability are orthogonal issues. Practically speaking, however, availability and responsiveness are interconnected concepts.

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Keeping it on the Road

Illustration: Breakdown

Yesterday (in my post about the weather) I introduced the subjects of time series and probability. Today I want to show how they apply to one aspect of performance management -- working with service availability data, which you are probably collecting from several different measurement tools.

Suppose you need to improve the availability of a critical e-business application ...

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The Web Site Availability Model

Illustration: The Web Site Availability Model
Availability Model

I am a mathematician at heart, and all mathematical conclusions are derived by deductive reasoning from a set of an initial set of assumptions (postulates or axioms). So it is natural for me to want to establish a clear foundation on which to build any discussion of performance matters.

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