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Web performance matters. Responsive sites can make the online experience effective, even enjoyable. A slow site can be unusable. This site is about online performance, how to achieve and maintain it, its impact on user experience, and ultimately on site effectiveness.

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jQuery Library Performance Alert

Illustration: jQuery logo

Recently I've been doing a lot Web design and development work, using the Squarespace platform, a "A fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio." I like Squarespace because it is xhtml/CSS based and lets me focus on a site's content and appearance. I get great performance and never have to deal with installing and managing any Web server software. Normally ...

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Trading Volume Slows Performance

Illustration: Barrons log

When stock markets everywhere took a big hit last Tuesday, volume on the New York Stock Exchange nearly doubled its typical level, topping 4 billion shares for the first time ever.

Barron's Online is a weekly magazine that covers U.S. financial information, tracks company statistics, and reports on market developments. Last week, Theresa W. Carey of Barron's decided that Tuesday's trading surge created "the perfect opportunity to see how some of the online brokers ... coped with extremely heavy traffic". The result was an interesting story -- Online Stress Test -- about the performance of leading brokerage sites during the trading peak. To sum up it up, the bigger the broker, the slower the site:

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Are Online Retailers Ready for Business?

Illustration: Holiday shopping crowds

Every year, more and more shoppers turn to the Web for their holiday shopping, with total sales in 2006 projected to be in the multi-billion dollar range. But will online retailers be up to the task? Our recent study suggests that many will not.

by Ben Rushlo

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