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Choosing Performance Management Tools

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With over 30 application performance management (APM) tool vendors offering scores of products, buyers face hundreds of confusing choices. Compounding the problem, the lack of a common taxonomy, or standard APM nomenclature, makes cross-vendor product comparisons especially challenging.

To address this challenge, NetForecast has developed an APM tools framework anyone can use to define APM requirements and map them to vendor offerings. On June 30 2010, Peter Sevcik will describe this framework in a Webinar hosted by the Apdex Alliance.

Webinar details

The APM framework is a comprehensive description of application management functions and features. Building on essential infrastructure management concepts, it provides a common nomenclature that makes it easy to compare APM tools. The framework also places Apdex elements in their appropriate contexts.

Good performance is delivered with tools that directly support APM processes and best practices. The APM framework lets you describe and prioritize the functions and features appropriate for your environment, and helps guide your APM strategy.

Presentation outline

  • Technique: How performance is measured
  • Location: Where performance is measured
  • Data: What information is gathered
  • Analysis: Making the data useful
  • Process: How the tool supports operations
  • Business: How the tool integrates with the business

Customizable product selection checklist

As a Webinar attendee, you will receive an Excel tool to help you intelligently select the framework elements you need to create your own custom product selection checklist to evaluate APM tools. For example, you will be able to define the level of Apdex support you require.

Attend this Webinar before investing in your next performance management tool. Find out how to avoid decisions based on vendor hype, and select APM tools whose features match the needs of your enterprise.

Register now, bookmark the event, tune in on June 30, ask questions, or contribute comments!

The Apdex standard

Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an open standard that is a numerical measure of user satisfaction with the performance of enterprise applications. It converts many measurements into one number on a uniform scale of 0-to-1 (0 = no users satisfied, 1 = all users satisfied).

Properly implemented, Apdex enables an organization to link application performance to business needs. Apdex is supported by the Apdex Alliance, a group comprising software vendors who support the standard, and over 1000 supporting members who are applying the Apdex method today, or considering its use, in their organizations.

Apdex Webinar program

This event is the second in a series of educational Webinars by the Apdex Alliance. Apdex Webinars aim to address a variety of performance management topics, with an emphasis on how to apply the Apdex methodology. You can view the previous Webinar here:

Further events are currently planned in September and November. I will post announcements to future speakers and topics as they are confirmed.

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