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As a technical writer, my aim is not to publish a stream of original thoughts, but to sift, understand, highlight, explain, connect, and amplify the thoughts of others. So I'm always scouring the Web for good raw material.

Recently I added a blogroll section to the sidebar. It will not list every blog I might read, just those that may include posts related to Web performance.

As I expand it, I plan to publish journal posts announcing my additions, and also to add short introductions here. I expect to also include here some links to useful pages or sites that are not blogs.

Today the blogroll lists the following blogs, organized into three broad categories:

Performance management in general

  • Ajax Performance by Ryan Breen
  • Ryan writes about measuring and managing the performance of Ajax and other RIA web applications, with specific focus on the challenges for developers accustomed to traditional web development.

  • bitcurrent and Coradiant Blog by Alistair Croll
  • in bitcurrent, Alistair writes about networking and Web performance management. The Coradiant blog has more emphasis on real user monitoring, and more company news.

  • Crazy Canuck Chronicles by Stephen Pierzchala
  • Stephen has been been working with Internet technologies since 1994. His eclectic blog posts include ideas drawn from his extensive experience analyzing Internet performance issues.

  • TalkBMC: Adopting a Service (Management) Mentality by Peter Armstrong
  • In his TalkBMC blog, Peter writes about service level management and remembering that customers are more important than technology.

Performance testing in particular

  • Collaborative Software Testing by Jonathan Kohl
  • Jonathan is a consultant, author, and speaker who specializes in software testing. His blog on software investigation is always thoughtful and well-written. It includes frequent discussions of frameworks, heuristics, and mnemonics that serve as guides for different aspects of testing.

  • DSO Guy by Steve Harris
  • According to Steve's profile, he builds software and in his spare time plays soccer and hangs with his family. But he also finds time to write a blog about testing and tuning the performance of Java applications.

  • Webperformance@Peragro by Donald Foss
  • Donald manages the consulting team at Keynote that does load-testing and performance-tuning work for companies with heavily trafficked Web sites. His writing reflects his special interest in online systems performance and optimization techniques, with a strong emphasis on load testing matters.

  • PerfTestPlus by Scott Barber
  • Scott is the Chief Technologist of PerfTestPlus, Executive Director of the Association for Software Testing and Co-Founder of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability. Scott's particular specialties are testing and analyzing application performance, developing customized testing methodologies, embedded systems testing, testing biometric identification and personal security systems, group facilitation and authoring instructional materials.

  • Quality Frog by Ben Simo
  • Ben is a software tester and test automation developer. Subtitled Questioning Software, his blog contains "ramblings about software testing" and provides links to useful resources. Ben's writing can be relied on to contain interesting insights drawn from real experiences.

  • Software Integrity by Nigel Cheshire
  • Nigel, CEO of Enerjy Software, believes that metrics are the key to software quality. Among other things, he writes about testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) -- starting to measure the factors that influence quality at an early stage in the development process.

  • Software Testing by Rahul Verma
  • Rahul began separate blogs on performance testing and software testing, but recently decided to combine them.

  • Testing Reflections by Antony Marcano
  • Antony's site aims to be a hub for Software Testing knowledge and information, covering ... "functional testing, performance testing, system testing, unit testing, test-driven development, well, all things Software Testing".

Information technology

  • Technometria by Phil Windley
  • Subtitled Organizations get the IT They Deserve. Phil explains that "Technometria is my attempt to make sense of the technology that interests me through exploration, analysis, and, hopefully, reason. In these pages you'll find writing about information technology and my specific interests, including enterprise computing, software development, computer science, academia, interspersed with occasional forays into other technical and non-technical matters. Through that process, I'm forming myself and perhaps informing you as well".

  • Mobileslate by Eric Chan
  • Eric is part renaissance man and all mobile evangelist. His blog reflects his experience in technology marketing and business development, with a strong emphasis on all things mobile.

I know I will be highlighting occasional articles in these blogs in my journal posts. But don't wait for me to do that -- check them out yourself.

Chris Loosley
Last updated: June 12, 2007