Performance Topics

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Collected thoughts about software and site performance ...

Web performance matters. Responsive sites can make the online experience effective, even enjoyable. A slow site can be unusable. This site is about online performance, how to achieve and maintain it, its impact on user experience, and ultimately on site effectiveness.

Foundations of performance

The first group of categories deal with the foundations of performance and of performance management. These are:

Performance management activities

Next are the principal activities of Web performance management:

Wisdom series

I have created some special categories to highlight and discuss particularly wise and memorable insights:


Then there are categories for technologies (can Web 2.0 be considered a technology?). This list grows longer as needed:

Publications, news and events

Next come three categories covering educational resources, then two covering news:

Anything else

Finally, there are social issues, miscellany and a meta-category, for posts about this blog.

And if these categories aren't enough to cover the subject matter, I'll add more. So if you think I'm missing something important, just write to me ( about it. I'm always interested to hear from anyone who thinks that performance matters.

Chris Loosley
Updated: June 14, 2010